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Turbine Blades Recycling Service

Turbine Blades Recycling for Your Specific Needs

While most sustainable energy proponents love the prospect of harnessing ‘wind energy’ and ‘water energy’ one aspect often forgotten is the recycling of turbine blades itself. Over the last couple of decades, as wind-energy has grown as a clean alternative, so has the prospect of recycling the turbine blades from thousands of windmills, gas turbines for bio-gas plants, hydroelectric plant turbines etc. Even in the ambit of regular industrial and commercial turbines for increasingly huge number of aircrafts and metallurgical processes, recycling turbine blades is a prominent issue.

Fortunately, you have A & R Metal Recycling services to rely on, for all your turbine blade recycling needs. Given the average life-span of roughly twenty years, there is a strong chance that majority of windmill manufacturing industries, aviation companies, hydroelectricity plants, geothermal energy units etc. will see a surge in decommissioning a major chunk of their first batch of turbine blades.

While most industries are still reliant on basic options like landfill or incineration – both these methods take up precious natural resource (landfill waste) and cause pollution by hazardous emissions. By contrast, recycling is safe for the environment, cost effective and relatively hazard-free.

At A & R Metal Recycling we use two distinct methods for recycling your turbine blades:

1. Thermal Processing – Using heat treatment, turbine blade material is broken down into smaller material scrap for re-using and the generated by-products of additional heat is harnessed.
2. Mechanical Recycling – Using industrial grade press hammers, we break down the big turbine blades into small metal recyclates, capable of being molded, melted or re-shaped into other useful components and used for industrial reproduction. This process also helps in removing the resin out of fibers. We may also un-mount and cut into the blades into small pieces or use a mechanical sieve to separate coarse and fine pieces.

We can handle several different kinds of metals or alloys used for turbine blades like stainless steel, aluminum or any turbine blade composite materials like Fiberglass, Carbon-fiber polymer or reinforced metals, even early turbine blade materials like wood.

To reduce landfill wastes owing to non-biodegradable properties of fiberglass and carbon-fiber, we team up with major construction companies to re-use the reclaimed material from turbine blades to be used for coating roads and heavy industrial equipment which can use their high resistance to change in atmospheric conditions, friction and temperature. We also use left-over glass for production of paints, glue or concrete while the energy from reclaimed liquid hydrocarbons can be harnessed.

Until the new, sustainable materials make it to turbine blades; they are not the easiest materials to recycle. A & R Metal Recycling is committed to providing the best turbine blade recycling options so we can keep our environment safe, waste-free and healthy.

Call us today for pricing (quotes) and brands of turbine blades we buy.

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