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Transformer Recycling Service

Transformer Recycling for Your Specific Needs

When it comes to disposal and recycling of transformers and electrical equipment, A & R Metal Recycling Company is the name to trust. For years now, individual and commercial clients have turned to us for handling the liability which comes with electrical equipment disposal, PCB transformers, and Non-PCB equipment.

We employ the following steps in custom disposal and recycling of transformers:

1. PCB-contaminated and Non-PCB equipment is treated in specialized, unique e-waste disposal furnace, one of the largest such units in the United States. From copper breakage in Microwave cookers to power line transformers with heavy duty steel and copper structures, tar-filled layouts or ballasts – we can turn around any transformer.

2. Chemical treatment and recycling of transformer oil in environmentally safe manner. We accept transformer equipment and oils with any contamination level, and pride ourselves on our ability to turn it around into industry grade. Our processes are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified and complies with all state regulations enforced in respective facilities.

3. Local bulk-storage facility provides ability to inherit contaminated transformer material, work on safe, hazard-free dismantling of your substation equipment, and smooth shipment for bulk disposal.

We maintain high capacity commercial storage so you never have to worry about warehousing costs again. Whether you’re a major corporate client or small quantity generator of transformer waste, rest assured we will treat your request equally and secure freedom from environmental liabilities.

From analyzing your transformer scrap range, transformer alloy material type, equipment age and recycling needs to devising the best case refurbishing to meet your goals, A & R Metal Recycling Company is committed to providing you with the best in the class utility and value for investment. Contact us today to find out about shipping and recycling quotes for your scrap transformers.

A & R Metal Recycling – no one transforms scrap transformers better than us!

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