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A & R Scrap Metal Recycling Company
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A & R Metal Recycling Company specializes in providing premier services in scrap metal buying and recycling. Located in Houston, Texas - we have offered market leading scrap metal buying and recycling utilities for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our commitment to recycling and top-of-the-line equipment ensures not only do we excellent business relationships with personal and commercial enterprise clients, as well as several pounds of material kept out of landfills. In addition, our high quality re-molding, slabbing, sheet-metal and rolling facilities cater to raw material needs for industrial buyers.

For the commercial grade purchases, industrial scrap metal services we provide are in line with latest certifications for environmentally safe and hazard-free methods. Rest assured, we do it right, and we do it well so there are no legal, financial or professional repercussions.

Wide Spectrum Metal Recycling Service

As a leading name in the field of dealing with scrap metal recycling, we have established buying and trading operations in most American states like:

Alabama Idaho Missouri Pennsylvania
Alaska Illinois Montana Rhode Island
Arizona Indiana Nebraska South Carolina
Arkansas Iowa Nevada South Dakota
California Kansas New Hampshire Tennessee
Colorado Kentucky New Jersey Texas
Connecticut Louisiana New Mexico Utah
Delaware Maine New York Vermont
District of Columbia Maryland North Carolina Virginia
Florida Massachusetts North Dakota Washington
Georgia Michigan Ohio West Virginia
Hawaii Minnesota Oklahoma Wisconsin
  Mississippi Oregon Wyoming

Our professional service and utilities mean we can always pick up your metal scrap anytime during working hours. Professional, well-monitored processes ensure that every piece of metal is accounted for; goes through a quality check and you earn every penny you deserve.

Competitive Quotes, Excellent Results

While your average scrap metal servicing facility is only too happy to quote you a low-end price and purchase all the metallic waste; rest assured, they are selling it off to commercial and industrial facilities at possibly three times the price and getting away with exorbitant profits which should be yours.

At A & R Metal Recycling, we believe in relationships. Profits are necessary for sustainability but we remain committed to sharing them with our clients. We offer you competitive prices for the metal scraps we buy. Then, we recycle it using safe, hazard-free, environment friendly processes using the expertise of certified technicians and industry-grade equipments to finally generate raw material for other industrial needs.

Compare our quotes and you'll find that our buying prices are higher than any scrap metal buying service in the market. Contact us today to find out more.

A & R Metal Recycling - your business makes us the best in the business.

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