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Born in the scrap metal and salvage yards of Houston, Texas – A & R Metal Recycling Company is one of the most trusted brands for full service scrap metal recycling operations in the country today.

At A & R Metal Recycling, we provide dependable and professional scrap metal hauling services to all our clients. Whether you are selling scrap metal as an individual (public interface), a manufacturing operation working for auto-wrecking yards, stamping operations, fabricators, electrical contractors, farms etc. or demolition contractors, we welcome anyone who generates high volumes of metal scrap. You may also simply walk-in to drop off within the working hours. No job is too small, No job is too big.

Services Offered

Our specialized metal scrap recycling facilities can handle each of the following:

• Specialty metals and alloys like brass, nickel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, catalytic converters, silver and gold plated material is recycled.

• Brokerage scrap - for buyers and sellers across the country. We even foster relationship with overseas traders to ensure they get the best bargain.

• Iron (Ferrous) scrap from foundries, iron and steel mills, reclaimed automobile scrap, steel structures and individual appliances are promptly recycled with our specialized services either ‘at location’ or in our warehouses. We service most leading industrial accounts. We accept unprepared steel, cast iron rolls, sheet iron, iron slab discards and tin as well.

• Electronic scrap – Hardware scrap from electronic waste is recycled at competitive pricing for integrated circuits and circuit boards, copper wires, yokes, power supplies, hard drives, electric motors, transformers etc.

With the recycling industry in the United States showing accelerated growth in the past decade, A & R Metal Recycling services has opened up outlets across most major cities in the country.

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Quality Customer Care

Our commitment to exceptional customer care quality, community, corporate social responsibility and environment awareness means we have been rated and certified according to the latest material recycling guidelines like ISRI’s R2/RIOS®. We take a consultative approach to our clients in order to attune our services to your business goals. Through our established network of relationships in the recycling industry, we strive to provide each customer with the best service and pricing available.

Call us today for quotes or to find out more about our market leading metal recycling services.

A & R Metal recycling – solid, innovative, enterprising!

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