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Heat Exchanger Recycling Service

Heat Exchanger Recycling for Your Specific Needs

For several years, A & R Recycling Company has been the leading provider of professional grade recycling services for heat exchangers for factories, commercial manufacturers and top-of-the-line industrial clients nationwide.

As a renowned recycling company, A & R employs vastly experienced technicians and certified processes to recycle heat exchanger device scrap from manufacturing industries. The processes employed are 100% environmental health compliant and feature consistently among the best practices.

There is a wide variety of heat exchangers used in various industrial capacities today, like:
1) Parallel-plate heat exchanger with inserted insulation sheets for double-pass operations.
2) Integrated heat exchangers for industry grade CFB and metal melting boilers.
3) Straight tube heat exchangers.
4) Double pipe heat exchangers and many more.

Our services excel in being able to handle each of these complex structures and recycling both – the metallic chassis and the underlying heating mechanism, be it conducting wires or liquid coolant materials which are involved in the process.

We begin with on-site examination of your heat exchanger, or bring back your heat exchanger to our location for safe, hazard-free dismantling upon evaluation of recycling needs. For liquid coolant exchangers like Straight tube heat exchangers, we are also able to recycle the shell-side fluids by chemically treating them and making them safe for re-use. Our processes are EPA and HIPAA certified for environment safety. For wired coolants, we can dismantle the shell and chassis, and work on suitably recycling the threaded wires, work on their ductile properties depending on how aged they are and find suitable re-usable functionality for them. It is not only cost efficient, it is the right thing to do for non-biodegradable materials prone to creating metallic scrap and waste.

The chassis of heat exchangers are usually melted and re-shaped or alloyed to enhance their properties (since their natural endurance, tensile strength or malleability tends to suffer owing to long exposure to temperature changes). We re-sell refurbished metal to industries like oil refineries, iron and steel plants and other industries dealing with temperature resistant metallic structures.

We accept heat exchangers directly delivered to our facility. We also entertain pick-up calls, and employ reliable and professional hauling services. Payment depends on both condition and weight in lbs. of the metallic scrap available for disposal.

A & R recycling services – safe, available, nationwide. We’re just a phone call away.

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