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Converter Recycling Service

Converter Recycling for Your Specific Needs

Converters for any mechanical or electrical equipment have a definite life-span. A & R Metal Recycling company provides you excellent options to recycle your scrap converters. Our custom solutions have benefited companies, industrial clients, commercial production facilities and individual clients nationwide over a decade. We have operations all over the United States to assist you in clean, environmentally safe recycling process for your scrap converters.

There are various different kinds of converters generated depending on the intensity and duration of their use for robust industrial processes. We can handle converter and catalytic metal recycling for:

• Bread-loaf converters (regular and large)
• Chrysler and GM catalytic converters (all sizes)
• Aluminum and Copper coil converters – we do chemical pre-wash of dirty converters
• Lead wheel converters
• Brass converters
• Small, medium and large foreign catalytic converters and many more.

In addition, we can also accept alternators, brake rotors, starters, sensors and after-market converters. Specialized recycling processes can also use your scrap catalytic converter merchandise and convert it into ceramic substrate format for storage, taking up only about 15% of storage space as the original.

The composition of converters often makes them a very intensive recycling process material. Nevertheless, there is frequent availability of precious elements like Palladium, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Rhodium reinforcements in trace amounts, which automatically hikes the price point for converter recycling procedures. Precious metal recovery is our expertise. Leading evaluation experts in our team help you with a pricing strategy to recover the best value for your business while aligning favorably with your converter scrap recycling needs. We team up with ISO 9001 certified precious metal refineries to ensure top-of-the-line recycling standards are met.

We provide certificate of recycling and certificate of destruction verifiable by leading energy efficiency and environment health authorities like EPA and HIPAA.

If your catalytic converter goes bad, contact your nearest A & R Metal Recycling company satellite office today to find out more about the quotes, recoverable material and weight in lbs. which can maximize your returns. Armed with technicians who were formerly employed in leading factories, converter manufacturing units with leading industrial brands or vastly experienced with converter recycling, we can employ the best practices for environment, in addition helping some extra dollars find their way to your pocket.

Send us a picture, email it or simply drop off your recyclable converter to our office today and our professional graders will immediately find you the best value for your scrap. We can even send our trucks or team up with local shipping services to collect your converter scrap from your industrial or manufacturing facility.

A & R Metal Recycling - Top class customer service, easy evaluation and unbeatable prices. Guaranteed!

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